Sharing Christ Within the Community

Our Supported Missionaries

Throughout our history, many individuals, couples, and families have been supported by Boston Baptist Church for the purpose of carrying the good news of salvation to the ends of the earth. Some of the missionaries we currently support are:


Kelly Hogg CrossWorld
Dan Avey                                               Youth for Christ – Norfolk
Bera & Bonita Ledua Northwind Family Ministries
Vasily & Nila Gavrilyuk Slavic Gospel Association
Josh & Ashley McGuire                         Child Evangelism Fellowship 
Rebekah Couperus Athletes In Action
Dr. Slavik Phzh                                       Ukraine Baptist Theological Seminary
Kym Giles Reach Beyond Canada
Across Borders for World Evangelism
Dan Shurr, Director of Communications Fellowship Canada National Office
Tim Bahula Across Borders for World Evangelism


Due to the risk of exposure in a closed country, the names of some of our missionaries are withheld.
Other mission organizations currently supported by Boston Baptist Church include:
Rural Life Mission
Christian Service Centers
Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada
Heritage College and Seminary