Sharing Christ Within the Community

Our History



Four devoted followers of Jesus Christ met on October 21, 1804 and made a covenant with each other and God. These were the humble beginnings of Boston Baptist Church Inc., over 218 years ago.

The four included Peter and Sarah Fairchild, who arrived from New York State in 1798, and other pioneers by the name James and Sarah Corliss. The first meeting place was in a log house on the bank of Boston Creek near the cemetery at the end of Church Street, in which the four pioneers are buried.

Peter Fairchild was the first Pastor. He served as Pastor for 14 years, during which time a 24’ x 24’ frame building was constructed as the meeting house, where the present church stands.

The present church building was constructed in 1851.

Over 41 Pastors have served the congregation of Boston Baptist since 1804, with the current Pastor being Rev Stephen Woods. Pastor Steve joined us in September of 2017 and serves as our Senior Pastor. The faith, zeal, and courage of these heroes of the faith over 218 years ago show how God placed His seal upon a people and a place in this part of the world.

We can only look to God for a renewed spirit, enlarged vision, new zeal, and increased faith, as we thank God, celebrate, and continue to carry the torch of the faith for the years to come.

As an example of the faith that has survived these 218-plus years, reproduced below is the original covenant that was prepared and signed by the four founding members of Boston Baptist Church:

“We do now, in the presence of the Omniscient God of elect angels, avouch the Lord Jehovah to be our only Lord and Saviour and give up ourselves to His service without reserve, taking His Holy Word for the rule of our conduct, and by the assistance of divine grace, we promise to observe all the commandments, institutions, and ordinances therein. That we will, as far as divine power permits, constantly attend the public worship of God, and the ordinances of the gospel of this church, and extend a faithful watch-care over all the members also, in each private relation use our influence to promote piety and family religion, by reading the scriptures, prayer, and Christian conversation, and submitting to the laws of Christ in the discipline of His house. We promise to abstain from, and watch against all covetousness, fraud, idleness, foolish jesting, reveling, and evil speaking, with whatever is unbecoming the Christian profession, denying ungodliness and worldly lust, that we live soberly and righteously in this present world, seeking the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the general good, humbly trusting in the righteousness of our glorious Redeemer for the pardon of all our sins and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to sanctify and enable us to preserve in holiness until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom be honor and power everlasting, amen.”