Sharing Christ in Our Community

Women’s Missionary Society

Womens’ Missionary Society
The Womens’ Missionary Society of the Church is primarily concerned with assisting missionaries in Canada and around the world. The Society holds monthly meetings at which our ladies invite missions and missionaries who present reports of their work and their needs. Letters are read and prayed over. Prayer is the backbone of the WMS. The WMS supports mission projects and certain missionary families. All funds are directed to them each month. A Christmas banquet is held where a specific mission is given special attention. This project involves a needy missionary family with children or an individual. Donated Christmas gifts or funds are presented to them.
Sub-groups of the Womens’ Missionary Society include “Sewing Meetings” where hand sewn quilts are made. This ministry has provided hundreds of quilts (and many years ago – rolled bandages) to dozens of missions and missionaries. This expression of love has opened the door for many missionaries to speak to others of God’s love.