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June 11, 2020

Overcoming Anxiety During Covid-19

Today it seems as if we have lost all control. We can’t go to work. We must stay home. We need to isolate. We need to distance. Do I or don’t I wear a mask (ppe)? This virus is spreading from country to country, from city to city, from person to person. What happens if a family member gets it? What happens if my parents get it? What happens if I get it?

There are so many things that are falling apart, there is all kinds of confusion around us, and as we’re reaching out for something sturdy, it seems like there is nothing to stand on. And yet I want to remind you today, we have a Provider, we have a Protector.

Let me tell you, that whatever we feed, grows. And when we feed our fears – our fears get bigger and bigger and at times they can simply overwhelm us, almost cripple us. I want to remind you that we can turn intrusive, disruptive thoughts of fear into conversations with the Father.

Your anxieties and your worries can be a real gift to you when they push you to the Father.


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